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Graphic Designer Needed, $$$

2009-04-07 15:04:09 by KJDunwoody

I'm looking for a graphic designer to design the template on my website.
If anyone is interested please PM me or post here and link me to past examples of work, and I will contact you if I feel you are good.
I will then show you my draft design of the website and we'll discuss the project and price.
If anyone wants to contact me its

China can touch my genetaila.

2009-04-01 16:37:34 by KJDunwoody

It is getting kind of tiresome now... and i'm not a happy chappy.
I can't post on the BBS or watch my favourite flashes.
Anyone else share my view?

Wanna Join An Animation Crew?

2007-09-20 16:45:33 by KJDunwoody

Hello There Fellow Newgrounders,
Long story short I am creator of Animation Crew Dynanimations...
We make Collabs, Have competitions, The whole shabang.
So take a look, have a browse and join if you like what you see.
The first collab is in the works.. ons/

On another note.. Anyone wanna suck my cock? =]